Body Shape Package + Activities

Your daily life and activities has a major role to play in your body-shape and health journey, master it and things will fall into the right places.

Body-Shape Package + Activities

This package was made for people that wants to focus on their health while enhancing body-shape. It begins by measuring your Body-Composition to get the starting point, then measuring your Resting Metabolic Rate to understand your calories consumption, after that the person will start doing the activities tracker test for us to understand their daily activities, and finally prepare a nutrition program that scientifically suits you!

Price: Starts BHD 120 (Inclusive of VAT)

Duration: 30 minutes

Note: Please check the Appointments Instruction page before booking to ensure choosing a suitable time.

Body Shape Package +Activities Measurement

109 .د.ب 30 minutes

If you are looking to lose-weight, maintain-weight, or gain-muscles then this package is suitable for you. The Body Shape Package + Activities was created to help people in their body-shape journey and give them successful recommendations based on scientific results. By measuring the metabolism at rest and getting to know the daily activities through a unique device, the specialist creates a nutrition plan that suits your need making sure that you do not feel hungry throughout the day and enjoying high energy.

  • Get a Nutrition Program that works for you
  • Take-home a unique device for tracking activities
  • Understand and enhance your daily activities
  • Understand your metabolism at rest
  • Get a starting point for your body-shape that you can compare progress with later
  • People that wants to lose weight
  • People that wants to gain muscles
  • People that wants to embrace healthy lifestyle
  • People that wants to get a nutrition program based on science (for enhancing body-shape)
  • Nutrition Program
  • Firstbeat Bodyguard3 take-home device (activities tracker)
  • 1 year subscription with Firstbeat Application
  • Body Composition Test and Report
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Test and Report

Step 1

Get a Starting Point

We start by understanding your body composition in detail and getting a starting point for your journey.

Step 2

Measure Metabolism

Resting Metabolic Rate represents up to 80% of your daily energy consumption, so we start by measuring it.

Step 3

Track Daily Activities

Wear the Activities Tracker for at least 3 days to understand your daily activates and lifestyle.

Step 4

Build the Program

Based on all information we get, we create a program that suits your needs and goal ensuring high energy and variety of options. We don’t believe in periodic diet, we believe in healthy lifestyle!

Step 5

Follow-ups (based on chosen package)

Ensuring the success is important, hence we measure the progress and give feedback to ensure better results.

Get the right nutrition with 95%+ success rate

Keep accurate track on your progress

graph and line chart printed paper

Understand and enhance your daily activities

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Body Shape Package +Activities – Starts from BHD 120

Note: Please check the Appointments Instruction page before booking to ensure choosing a suitable time.

Body Shape Package +Activities Measurement

109 .د.ب 30 minutes