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It is painful to implement a strict diet program and not get the desired results. Not only you were forbidden from eating what you like, but also might go through periods with low energy that affects your mood too! Sounds familiar? yes we and our clients been through this. The truth is, most diet centers/nutritionists only apply a formula that might and might not be suitable for you. When it is wrong, well, you know what happens. This is why we at BASPOLAB do it differently. We first measure all required information in order to understand the actual case, and then we provide you with recommendations that are suites you!

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Resting metabolic rate (RMR)

70% to 80% of your daily energy expenditure consists of your RMR. We measure this in order to get it right.

active metabolic rate

Learn how much calories you burn at different workout intensity. Your workout program will be precise and focused.

Nutrition Prgram

Upon understanding your energy expenditure, we are now able to provide you with a nutrition program that works!

Why adapt science to reach your goal?

We will let the results speak for our work


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Lose Weight

Reduce body fat and weight and get healthier

Get in Shape

Gain muscles and weight in a healthy manner

Track Progress

Ensure that you are going in the right direction

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Body Shape Package – Basic

Starts from: AED 1700

Body Shape Package +Training

Starts from: AED 2600

Nutrition Program

AED 500

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