How it Works

Why BASPOLAB is different?

Let us show you how we do it

Step 1

It all starts with the Booking

Choose the best timing for your ensuring that you follow the test’s instructions are followed.

Step 2

Get a Starting Point

We start by understanding your body composition in detail and getting a starting point for your journey.

Step 3

Measure Metabolism

Resting Metabolic Rate represents up to 80% of your daily energy consumption, so we start by measuring it.

Step 4

Understand Daily Activities

Measuring your activities on daily basis is important for reaching the goal and for your health! We do this by the Activity Tracker or simple form sent to you.

Step 5

Workout Level

To get a deeper insight, we measure your active metabolism and understand how much you burn in your workout.

Step 6

Build the Program

Based on all information we get, we create a program that suits your needs and goal ensuring high energy and variety of options. We don’t believe in periodic diet, we believe in healthy lifestyle!

Step 7


Ensuring the success is important, hence we measure the progress and give feedback to ensure better results.